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Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy ‘Suicide’ Episode Airs Before News of Actor’s Death

In a bizarre coincidence, a Family Guy episode featuring Robin Williams which included a failed suicide attempt aired minutes before the announcement of the actor’s death.

It’s interesting to ponder whether such synchronicities are meaningful and emerge from the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung postulated, or whether they are just random coincidences….

Inspector General says Pentagon is mishandling child-sex cases


We might be looking at the beginning of yet another Obama administration scandal…

The Pentagon’s chief watchdog warned Tuesday that the military’s criminal investigative agencies have mishandled about a dozen child sexual assault cases and made recommendations ranging from enhancing guidelines for collecting evidence to ensuring that victims receive the proper paperwork.

The inspector general evaluated 163 Military Criminal Investigation Organization investigations of sexual assaults against children that were closed in 2012 to determine whether the investigations were consistent with military policy and procedures.

That evaluation determined that more than half of the cases had minor deficiencies, but 10 of the criminal inquiries had serious deficiencies that fall short of the Defense Department’s standards, according to the watchdog office’s report.

“Significant deficiencies are key evidence not being collected, crime scenes not examined, and witness or subject interviews not conducted or not thorough,” according to the report that said such deficiencies could “materially affect” the outcome or reliability of investigations.

VIDEO: MSNBC Panel responds to Oklahoma beheading - "Muslims are hilarious!"



This is how low MSNBC has gotten. Melissa Harris Perry leads her panel in the discussion of the in-no-way-radical-Islam-related “workplace violence” story of the Oklahoma beheading. They completely ignore the beheader’s own calls for violent jihad on his Facebook page. They ignore the fact…

New Invention Gives Parents More Time to Grieve the Death of Their Stillborn Baby

" When a mother delivers a stillborn baby, the baby is born without any signs of life at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In the United States, about 1 in 160 pregnancies end in stillbirth, and most occur before the mother goes into labor.

cuddlecotWhile it is largely unknown what causes fetal death at this stage of a woman’s pregnancy, these are some factors that may contribute: placental problems, birth defects, poor fetal growth, infections, umbilical cord accidents, and chronic health conditions in the pregnant mother.

However, regardless of the cause of death, losing a baby is always a devastating experience for a mother and her family. Many doctors and psychologists suggest that families spend time with their baby before they are sent to the morgue. This is important because it can bring the family closure and time to form a lasting bond with their baby.

In the past, this has been difficult for hospitals to facilitate because warm rooms cause the baby’s condition to deteriorate quickly. This is why the new cuddle cot invention, or “Moses-basket” is so beneficial for bereaved families…”

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